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Ken Guthrie

Ken is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, where he currently lives. He has written numerous articles, been quoted in a variety of national and international publications, and addressed hundreds of audiences over the past 25 + years. Traveling to many parts of the world, Ken has spent the majority of his career in senior-level consulting, marketing, and sales positions. In addition to his business profession, he is an adjunct professor teaching graduate and undergraduate courses for Georgia State University. Always curious, and as a self-described generalist, he has created many challenges for himself, from flying planes to racing motorcross, or rebuilding cars and crafting furniture.

One of Ken's passions is photography, starting when he was just twelve. As a senior in high school, he was the staff photographer for the Year Book Annual working along side of several very creative people including his classmate, a now well known Christian writer, Philip Yancy. Several of Ken's photos have won awards through the years or been chosen for publication. Look for selected works to be made available through this site at a later date. As noted in the book, Ken also photographed and designed the cover of "SURVIVING GOD".
General Information:

  • Married to his college sweetheart, Ellie
  • Has two grown children - both boys, (and looks forward to seeing some grandchildren in a few years)
  • Colleges attended include three years at Georgia Tech (Aerospace Engineering and Industrial Management), Reinhardt Univesity, and Georgia State University (Masters Degree in Marketing)
  • Career spans companies as D&B Software, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Oracle Corporation, dot com startups - as an officer, director, senior manager, or equity partner
  • Prior military duty in the US Army as an E6, Staff Sergeant
  • Travels have included Western Europe; major South American countries; Central America, many of the Caribean islands; Bermuda; Mexico; most of Canada; and every state in the US with the exception of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming; all which he still looks to visit one day 
  • He has addressed groups as the American Bankers Association, American Management Association, American Bar Association, Gartner Group, NACM, CIPS, AICPA, and many of the Fortune 500 companies
  • Interests include (besides photography), drawing, wood working, working on cars, writing, teaching, flying planes, hiking, and watching Georgia Tech football.
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