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In God’s world, how “large” are you? (03/22/11)

Sitting on my back porch earlier this week, I watched a large red tail hawk soar through the trees behind my house. As it lifted up toward the top of a cluster of hickory trees, a much smaller crow dove at it from a hidden perch close by, loudly protesting its approach.

Since early March, I had seen two crows diligently snapping small twigs from some trees and hastily building a true “crow’s nest” about 100 yards into the woods. With the arrival of Spring leaves still some weeks off, and with the aid of binoculars, I watched them build their structure which will certainly be obscured from my view once the foliage fills into the Winter void.

Within just a minute, this one crow was joined by another, and a few seconds later, one more shiny black feathered friend came from the trees, and together, the three of them drove the hawk away until it was well beyond sight.

It makes me realize that even though we may seem small in relation to our enemies, we can fend them off by ourselves if we just make the effort. But with friends and God’s support we can even be more successful. All we have to do is reach out.

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