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"The stories and facts make it easy to remember a challenge long after reading the chapter."

"Guthrie makes you stop and seriously think about each situation."

"It's great having a discussion guide in the book. It extends my learning experience and keeps me from having to buy a separate guide."

"Even for non-Christians, there are important words of wisdom that can aid anyone."

"After only a few hours of reading I was already able to apply some ideas to my own situation."

"Guthrie has been right where I've been before. I can relate my feelings to his, through his words."

About The Book

This exciting new book immediately hooks the audience with interesting stories, annecdotes, facts, and personal insight as the author delves into problems everyone faces during their life. Described as a "self-help introspective guide for both Christians and non-Christians", it is one of those books that can be picked up and read again and again.

Its format was designed not only for the individual, but also to give faith-based groups and book clubs a publication for discussion and reflection. Thus, it makes an ideal choice for Christian book clubs.

Fifteen Chapters - Fifteen Challenges
ou will discover that each chapter of SURVIVING GOD gives a fresh perspective into one specific challenge already faced, or one most likely to be encountered in the future. By looking at how others have dealt with similar situations, you may find it much easier to conquer your own.  Even revisiting challenges you have survived may give you a better sense of how to face them again or lead others past their own seemingly insurmountable "mountains" they must climb.

Study and Discussion Guides
roviding a guide for individual thought as well as a similar section for group discussion, adds tremendous value at the end of each chapter and gives the reader one source for reference or study!
Groups will find this approach very useful to prompting meaningful discussion, reducing preparation time, and creating a logical approach to the subject. And, because each chapter is independent of the others, they may be read or studied in any order.

Find a list of chapters and many of the topics that are covered by selecting "Book Contents" from the menu above. Excerpts are provided for several of the chapters, and
for a limited time, you may download Chapter 8, "How Are You Measured?" for free.


Comments By Ken Guthrie

"Like many of the readers, I have suffered the loss of a job, worried about a child off at war, had my leadership questioned, and my relationships tested. Yet, in all of my travels in the world, in business and for personal enjoyment, I have found so very many common challenges and struggles we must face regardless of where we live, what we do, or our position in life.

Sometimes it is hard to know where to begin . . . particularly when we are in the midst of the challenge. Through my strong belief in a God that permeates this universe, I also know as a Christian, we can survive any challenge if we have faith it is possible, know that others have succeeded before us, and we are willing to reach out for help.

My hope is that you will find this book helpful in guiding you, or a group in which you participate, to know there are always solutions, always paths available to conquer those challenges.

I welcome your comments and please contact me with your thoughts."
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